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Registration is now closed for PFC Winter Programming. Please contact the office if you need to discuss. 

Registrations after November 6 will have late fee added ($30.00)

Winter season will run from November 7 to February 26 with a pause from December 12 to January 6 as during this time the City of Penticton will be replacing the Turf in the Sportsplex.

In Total, the season will run for approximately 12 weeks - 5 weeks before the pause for turf replacement and Holidays and about 7 weeks after (depending on program)

There will not be sessions during the Family Day Weekend (February 18 - February 20)

Please Note:

All sessions during the Winter season will happen at the Sportsplex in Penticton

Program schedules and location may change based on registration numbers.

If you would like to register only for the 2023 part of the season, please contact the office

If you are applying for funding, please check out Kidsport Penticton and fill out the registration form. For further help, contact Pinnacles Administration at

Due to limited field space, we are not able to offer sessions to all age groups at this time



Fees $195

The House program is made up of 1 training session a week where players will learn the fundamentals of soccer, develop basic technical skills, and enjoy the beautiful game. The Winter season will not have games. 

Players are advised to wear turf shoes. All players must wear shin guards.

*Space is limited

U7/U8 (session full) Born 2016 - 2014 Saturday 9am - 10am Sportsplex
U9/U10 Born 2013 & 2012 Saturday 10am - 11am Sportsplex
U11/U12 Born 2011 & 2010 Saturday 10am - 11am Sportsplex

*U7/U8 session is full. To put your name on the waiting list, please email


Fees $295

Season runs from November 8 - February 25 (please refer to the top of the page for information on turf replacement and Holidays break)

The Excelsior Winter Training Academy provides a professional and optimal learning environment and prepares players who want to take the game to the next level.

This program is suitable for players who were playing Excelsior during the Spring or Fall 2022 season and for those who are interested in preparing for tryouts with Excelsior in the Spring 2023 season.

Excelsior Academy sessions are twice a week with the duration of one hour each. 


Excelsior Girls

U10/U11 Girls Born 2012 & 2013 Tuesday 4pm - 5pm Thursday 4pm - 5pm
U12 Girls Born 2011 Tuesday 5pm - 6pm Thursday 5pm - 6pm
U14 Girls Born 2009 & 2010 Tuesday 6pm - 7pm Thursday 6pm - 7pm
U16 Girls Born 2007 & 2008 Tuesday 7pm - 8pm Thursday 6pm-7pm


Excelsior Boys

Please note: Excelsior boy's training days and times change in 2023

November and December

U11 Boys Born in 2012 & 2013 Monday 4pm-5pm Wednesday 4pm - 5pm
U12 Boys Born in 2011 Monday 5pm - 6pm Wednesday 5pm - 6pm
U13/U14 Boys Born in 2010 & 2009 Monday 6pm - 7pm Wednesday 6pm - 7pm
U17 Boys Born 2008 - 2006 Monday 7pm - 8pm Wednesday 6pm - 7pm

*U11 Boys session is full. To put your name on the waiting list, please email

January and February

U11 Boys Born in 2012 & 2013 Wednesday 4pm - 5pm Saturday 2pm - 3pm
U12 Boys Born in 2011 Wednesday 5pm - 6pm Saturday 3pm - 4pm
U13/U14 Boys Born in 2010 & 2009 Wednesday 6pm - 7pm Saturday 4pm - 5pm
U17 Boys Born 2008 - 2006 Wednesday 6pm - 7pm Saturday 5pm - 6pm



Coach Tom McGill takes your love of the game to a whole new level with the specialized goalkeeper training

Fees $190

*add GK training to any Youth or Excelsior program for $95

Born up to 2012 Saturday 12pm - 1:30pm Sportsplex
Born 2011- 2004 Saturday 1:30pm - 3pm Sportsplex



Fees $75

Sessions on Saturdays from November 12 to December 10

*limit of 14 spots per session (first come, first serve)

Pinnacles FC Head coaches Jacquie Hertlein and Manuel Borba will be offering technical sessions for players this Winter season. They will be working on dynamic individual skills development as well as improving player knowledge and promoting a culture that creates strong habits and personal growth taking players to the next level of football.

The technical sessions are designed to improve knowledge and develop technical excellence for players.

The technical sessions happen for 5 weeks and the groups are divided as follows:

Girls Born 2009/2010/2011 Saturday 12pm - 1pm
Boys Born 2010/2011 Saturday 1pm - 2pm
Coed Girls born 2007/2008 and Boys born 2008/2009 Saturday 2pm - 3pm

To register for technical sessions, please click here.



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