Pinnacles FC Junior Coaching program  

At Pinnacles Football Club, we use Junior coaches throughout all aspects of our soccer program to ensure that our training philosophy is uniformly presented to all our players and, as importantly, the parent volunteer coaches.  

Our Junior coach program allows us to train players in the coaching program, teaching responsibility, ways to interact with younger players, how to engage a beginner player, and other age appropriate coaching techniques. Working on skill development through games and other activities. Keeping the players busy, and contributing to an active lifestyle. As leaders our junior coaches set goals that are challenging but realistic. Our junior coaches offer encouragement and support, so our players can be at the top of their game. Watching at all times and making sure we play the game in the right spirit, being a good sport and by playing fair. At times even helping as being counsellors by listening to our players concerns and taking a keen interest and being supportive. Basically, at the end of the day helping as best they can. Our Junior coaches made goal is to make our soccer program a positive and fun place to be. The program also provides the opportunity to develop leadership skills and supply our parent volunteer coaches with extra help on the field.  

Junior coaches are expected to look like coaches. Extra gear is not necessary, but they must wear attire that will ensure they are visible on the field. Acceptable attire includes: Training jersey, Pinnacles jacket, or the coaching top provided by the program.  

Progression through the program works as follows:  

At 13 years of age, a player is able to apply to the program. Applicants will be selected based on several factors, but final approval for the program will be granted by the Technical Director (TD).  

ALL junior coach staffing decisions will be made by the TD. This is to ensure that the caliber of junior coaches on our fields reflects the standards that we’ve set for the Club.  

Any complaints received about a junior coach will be addressed by the TD and/or the Head coach during reviews, and may result in the player being removed from the junior coaching program.  

Our ultimate goal with this program is to produce great Junior coaches. Coaches who understand their role and work hard at becoming teachers, leaders and even counsellors at times. Our hope is that by producing great junior coaches, they will help produce great athletes, and together as a club we are doing our part to produce great human beings.