2022 Summer Camps

Goalkeeper Training Camp 2022

Join Head Coach Tom McGill for a week-long training camp. He will work with your player to improve technical skills, decision making, positioning, confidence, and concentration

Penticton  Kings Park

July 25-29  10am-12pm

COST: $175

*players should bring goalkeeper gloves and water bottle.

Coach Tom McGill Bio

"Tom didn't just work me hard physically and mentally during training but he brought an enjoyment to it. There was never a day in training where he didn't make me laugh and realize the reason why I enjoy being a goalie. he knew when to be serious and work us hard but he also knew when to take a second and enjoy it. In him doing this he also brought enjoyment to working hard! Tom helped me to the next level in my career and even to this day I still do lots of the things Tom taught me to do!

I am thankful I had the opportunity to be able to work with Tom for so long. I only have high praise and thanks to Tom for everything he did for me!"

Isaac Boehmer -  Whitecaps Goalie

"I have been working with Coach Tom for 8 years. he is great at breaking down fundamentals for young ages while conditioning the same fundamentals as the goalkeepers grow and develop through the program. Coach Tom loves pushing us to our full potential and is credited for the opportunities I have received over the years."

Lexi Picton - York University Goalie


Girls Goalkeeper Skills Session June 25, 2022

Join Head Coach Tom McGill for a  one day training camp. An introduction to goalkeeping and basic skills.

Penticton  Kings Park

June 25  12pm- 2pm 

COST: $10.00

*players should bring a water bottle, and goalkeeper gloves if they have them.