New British Columbia Universal Code of Conduct

As communicated in the Response to the Safe Sport Program Assessment Report, BC Soccer, represented by its Executive
Director, has been an active member of ViaSport’s Safe Sport Committee. The focus of the committee has been the
development of a BC Universal Code of Conduct for the Sport Sector, which has now been approved by ViaSport’s Board of
Directors. As part of our commitment to ensuring sport is safe, BC Soccer is supplementing its current Code of Conduct and
Policies with language that further aligns with the new B.C. Universal Code of Conduct.

Updated BC Soccer Code is available here.

Being that all members and affiliated organizations of BC Soccer must comply with the bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, and
directives, organizations are encouraged to review the details within the BC Universal Code of Conduct and update all
applicable polices accordingly.

For more detailed information, please visit BC Soccer’s Safe Sport page.