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6 v 6 Soccer Rules for U9/U10 Division

  • Size 4 ball

  • The maximum number of players on the field on each side at any one time is six (6) including the goalkeeper

  • Minimum of four (4) players per side

  • Substitutions may be made at the following time: after injury; at goal kicks; after a goal is scored; at Kick- in for the team with possession; at the referee’s discretion

  • Games will be refereed by a referee appointed by the Club. If no referee is available each coach will referee half the game. No one, apart from the referee and players, is allowed on the field of play while the game is in progress

  • No off sides

  • No throw ins. Players will do a kick- in from the sidelines

  • All free kicks shall be indirect

  • No penalty kicks

  • At the taking of a kick-off, free kick, goal kick or corner kick, opponents shall remain at least five (5) yards from the ball

  • When a goalie has the ball opponents shall give five (5) yards for the goalie to either throw or kick the ball

  • Goalkeepers may not punt the ball past midfield in the air

  • Goals cannot be scored directly from a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick or a kick- ins

  • Game duration two (2) twenty-five (25) minute halves

  • Half time interval of five (5) minutes

  • No scores are recorded as this is a development division

  • Everyone have fun